How to optimize the new words based on old words don’t fall on

How to optimize the new words based on old words don’t fall on

three, due to a snapshot of the site is in the next update, modify site title second days after the snapshot is updated, the security machine appeared in the new title and description. But the author expected the same ranking and is not very ideal, in the love of Shanghai fourteenth, here is a big reason from the author did not update the contents of the website or is done outside the chain, because the rankings have been stable only because of its weight in the "support". Then I will often add some new content to the website, the security for the relevant news or product release, so that the entire website related information security machine gradually increased, of course also need two words before occasionally to add some contents.

, you need to add new keywords website title and description to make new adjustment. The author is the title approach plus security machine behind the original two keywords, also use the same method. I believe we all know the weight level before and after the title keyword position is not the same, the keywords weight before the get higher. The new machine is not suitable for the title up front, because did not give the words what you have done, and now immediately put it immediately to rank well it is not practical ideas in the most important position of the title, but is likely to make the original two keywords the ranking fell slightly.

exchange Links easy, that is hard, actually a lot of body in the network company.

two, because the Layout Framework of the site itself has been good, more conducive to the spider crawling, I will no longer be modified. The next step is to adjust the density of keywords, through the website keyword density detection tool to obtain security machine keyword density is 1.1%, does not meet the reasonable density recognized: 2%-8%. So the reasonable site to increase keyword density, on the site of the head (title), Zuo Fang (product classification), text (company profile) and bottom (copyright information) on the increase in security machine and is suitable for bold or add links to it.

four, the outside of the chain website has always focused on quality, but also need to control the number of good, because no matter how good the quality of the chain, the chain too much may have the opposite effect on the website. I give this site outside the chain of practice is mainly through the exchange of Links and text.

? Keywords

Huaan gate website ranking has been very stable, the website weight is also very high, the maintenance of the website ranking almost do not need to how ranking will fall. Because his colleagues with the same company to do a new keyword screening machine for two or three months is not on the line, I add a keyword request security machine with an Huaan gate of the site to see if you can take up. This is the website for the trust of its weight, PR3, included and trans data are good, so they agreed to base colleagues in the site was originally two words with a security key. So how to realize the optimization of the new words in the original keywords dropped under the condition of

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