Shanghai dragon skills internal optimization DeDecms system analysis

Shanghai dragon skills internal optimization DeDecms system analysis

structure of URL dedecms is in accordance with the default date display, an article such as your issued in May 11, 2011, the URL will display the directory structure: the www.***贵族宝贝/ column of the /2011/5/11/*.html, we should know that Shanghai dragon, the length of URL is very important, this kind of structure has more than 3 layers, is not conducive to.

so that it can ensure that each column will have a different title, keywords and description.


dedecms system has been used in all know, each column page and the content page head is a head.htm template file, the tail is called foot.htm template file, it seems in Shanghai dragon’s point of view, is not conducive to the Shanghai dragon, because we want to ensure each column page and content pages title, keywords and Description are different. This will allow the search engine to know our page is different, not junk information. How to modify it? In fact, the easiest way is, you can put the head.htm file is written to each column page or pages to go inside, such as the list_artitle.htm template file is called to each column, the head file directly embedded into this column template file.

content page artitle_artitle.htm is also embedded in the head.htm template file, the template file is as follows:


two, modified URL naming rules for URL short

, optimization of each column page and the content page of title, keywords, Description

. CMS for the webmaster should not be unfamiliar, now there are one hundred thousand owners use dedecms to build their own website, I want to choose dedecms is undoubtedly correct, choice is easy to use, then the optimization function itself has done very well, such as static URL settings, recommended articles, popular articles the latest articles, these modules and the settings, the settings and so on. Therefore, the future of CMS system will be beneficial to Shanghai dragon toward the direction to develop, will not do the basic CMS system of Shanghai Longfeng was eliminated in the frenzy of competition. The station is constructed by dedecms, the choice of this system, mainly is suitable for I like this without any basis for the use of encoding, fool operation, and Shanghai dragon to do better, but this is not to talk about dedecms do well in Shanghai Longfeng defects, together with me to analysis the dedecms system Shanghai Longfeng tips.

We know that the

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