Shanghai dragon team management experience

Shanghai dragon team management experience

function mainly consider the weight distribution link, convenient maintenance, back office functions related to the front of the display and link weights, the function relating to the search engines and user experience, if there is a viscous, whether can attract the user function development plays an important role.

web site keywords layout need to take into account the relationship between target keywords and core keywords, determine the target keywords to study keywords, competitor analysis keywords, keywords expansion, arrange site columns, such as home page columns, column layout and arrangement of the content page, these all need from keywords website architecture to determine the target keywords, long tail keywords analysis, viscosity of keywords based on user experience, function development and so on are to be considered, taking into account the search engine weight distribution, but also to consider the user experience, making your website later the original article is in accordance with the user experience is completely related to the development of the website.

, a keyword based website architecture

team configuration related to the funding of basic hardware facilities thrown outside, team configuration is directly related to the work schedule and results, will be related to the whole project investment, both of which operators will take into account the investment and return ratio, if invested at a predetermined target under the existing problems, then the success rate of the project will be greatly reduced, may cause investors to withdraw, it will relate to the development and stability of the staff team.

four, schedule

large website is not so easy, Shanghai dragon optimization scheme is even more so, need to have a good web site architect, web designer, program development division, more need to have a strong and powerful executive team, which will test a team setting >

large website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme mainly includes the following several steps in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme takes into account the structure of the website, the link distribution, weight distribution, function development, work arrangement, team configuration, investment and other aspects of the problem, then these problems are from what aspects of

Three, the

function of

work is the execution of the team oriented, only the meticulous work arrangement to complete the website of the intended target, after the performance appraisal will work according to the schedule and decide, get later flow together weights according to the degree of implementation and work arrangements. A clear site CEO, should have the basic ability.

capital investment team configurationThe


two, link weight assignment

The weight distribution of


link according to the positioning of the site to determine what kind of target keywords for competition, good flow, need to start from the research of keywords, keyword is the core and the weight distribution is also beginning to start from the key.


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