Let poor families enjoy the privilege

Let poor families enjoy the privilege

Director, I brought home the key, I go to school, can help me rent out the house, I will not come back during the summer vacation." The early morning of February 18th, people began to work, the provincial capital of Kunlun Road West Community Serena (a pseudonym) ready to pack up to go to school, before leaving, he deliberately went to the community, the two keys home to the king of our community director’s hand, he wants to let the community staff help will rent out their the house.

"we like Serena this area particularly difficult family and 6 households." Wang Yuting said that she had made in front of Serena, but the installation fee how to solve? I had to bite the bullet to Xining oil and gas co.." Wang Yuting did not think of is, soon, gas companies have the answer: free installation for Serena, including 7 poor households.

soon, the construction team began to install wall boiler Wang Yuting went from door to door, Serena home keys, "was as cold as ice, his father in the home for the winter every year, nearly 2000 yuan to buy coal for heating, since the death of his father, the winter house never too warm." In those days the installation of natural gas, the staff of the community will be cleaned both inside and outside of the room.

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