Community story a small photographer show comity style

Community story a small photographer show comity style

and carry out activities to create a civilized city community, by the Xining evening news and comity Street Street Party Working Committee, the office and the Jiefang Road community jointly held my eyes "comity" community youth photography activities recently ended.

One of the important contents of

in Xining city as the "create a national civilized city and State Street office into the community" series of activities this year summer vacation community, this photography contest a total collection of more than and 70 works, these works cover a wide range of subjects, prominent theme, rich in content, showing the comity street public service facilities, fully embodies the people in the community and youth wonderfull life condition and the mental outlook and civilized behavior, reflects the profound changes brought the comity Street actively create a national civilized city after. After careful selection, the second grade Datong Street Primary School horse, Yu Dongxue won the one or two prize; the second grade Datong Street Primary School Song Wenting, Xining thirteen in the third third-prize Ren Jie won the second grade; Datong Street Primary School, 71 Dengyu Hou Road Primary School in the sixth grade white Yunting, Xining Xu Bowen Memorial Day award.

comity Street Party committee secretary, director of the office of Jin Shenghua said: "by carrying out a large number of cultural propaganda activities, a lot of public awareness of civilization comity street have been improved, but in reality there are still a few people do not speak of civilization, in the next time, we will be in the streets and communities to carry out various creation of national civilization the activities of the city, make known to every family, to further guide the public to actively participate in activities to promote civilized behavior, to take practical action to participate in support of civilization, form a good atmosphere for everyone to become civilized people.


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