A snack how much does it cost to business

A snack how much does it cost to business

business in the shop before all to do cost-benefit analysis, because this is one of the essential work of the project do work in front of the shop. Take a snack bar, operating a snack bar requires investors to do a good job in the shop before the budget, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the store, to avoid the emergence of loss. A snack shop investment budget including utilities, management fees, costs, tables and chairs tableware fees, for these costs, operators to this list, estimated to cost about, the shop’s business is very helpful, so, how to open a snack shop cost? What are the precautions. Below, small series and we talk about the cost of opening a snack bar and snack bar to note.

how much does it cost to invest in a snack bar?

snack shop cost:

1, the total monthly fee = monthly rent + monthly salary + monthly industrial and commercial tax + monthly water + monthly fees, etc.. Do not shop investment account, because in the restaurant when trying to open the transfer, and some will turn, some will earn a fixed number, including fees and other expenses of health food, fuel costs in general entry cost.

2, total daily expenses = monthly total cost / 30 days.

3, gross margin price – cost / price *100% n. Here, the cost of seasoning, vegetable oil and fuel, etc., through this formula can also be calculated the cost and price of a dish.

4, monthly breakeven point sales = monthly total cost / gross margin can also be the day of the sales point of the breakeven point = daily cost / gross profit margin (or equal to the monthly breakeven point sales /30 days)

5, monthly gross margin = monthly sales total monthly total cost, where the total cost is the monthly purchase amount minus inventory.

6, monthly profit = gross profit – total monthly expenses.

two, snack bar notes

1, integrity. Snack bar must pay attention to integrity, the so-called good faith is not to deceive consumers, do not do false propaganda.

2, health. Many of China’s black hearted businessmen, in order to gain the benefits of the food and beverage industry, there are often not clean, unsanitary phenomenon. However, if you want to have more repeat customers, you want to have a more long-term development, it is recommended that you do clean, healthy snacks!

3, service. Snack bar is a service industry, want to have a better business, it must be thoughtful service.

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