Taiwan tea shop marketing method

Taiwan tea shop marketing method

shop operators, mainly to get consumers to spend, and the main way to get consumers to promote their own brands, do their own brand marketing. There are many methods of marketing, each store management main body different marketing methods are not the same, here we just take the tea shop management as an example to introduce how to do the tea shop brand marketing.

with the increasing number of tea shops, operators in the fierce competition in the market began to sign it? Many operators take pains, in the taste, packaging to do enough effort to stimulate consumer desire to buy. Below, we look at the tea industry in the operation of the emergence of what creative marketing?

Taiwan tea shop marketing methods:

1. main creative packaging tourists eager to buy

how to make tea can make people run a tea shop gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory? Taiwan Shicheng Huang said in Kinmen, recently went to Tainan, saw a series of small fresh tea tea shop "triggered a wave of panic buying, milk bottle with Google have ABS, very interesting. "Now Taiwan tea industry are looking for ways to improve the popularity of tea, a gimmick is a big selling point, small meat tea do, Menzerna bottle after freezing and water like sweat feeling, will make many people feel interesting, naturally fame started." Cai Jiayin also said that the focus on product packaging is very important, especially in an tzengtsu selling tea shop also many, let visitors can see at a glance, there is a key freshness. She said: "we are the flagship store of Taiwan creative snacks, in addition to thick toast, to bear the theme, we also launched a bear tea, not only lovely bear appearance, but also easy to carry, many customers see will choose to buy a bag of tea with a toast." Now the store has four kinds of tea packaging and a variety of flavors of tea for consumers to choose, every day to attract a lot of people to queue up to buy.


reporter also decided to go tzengtsu dibble, wandered down, found a lot of interesting tea shop. "Boss, how can I buy that little yellow man?" asked some visitors. It turned out that the store launched a small yellow bottle body packaging, as long as the purchase of related drinks can be presented, which also caught the hearts of many tourists.

2. chain brand effect is the key to controlling the quality of

"Welcome cattle spot……" A spot into the cowherd tea shop, the waiter warm greetings is impressive. As the Taiwan chain brand, KOI, cattle spots and other major shopping district in the figure, is also popular with consumers. Huang Shicheng said that now, the main impact of the chain brand is more far-reaching, can reflect the visibility, and they have a series of complete sets of style, mode of operation >

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