The Manshasha moxibustion join to pay attention to what the whole

The Manshasha moxibustion join to pay attention to what the whole

we all know, the health of the market, has been very hot. Small entrepreneurial choice of health market, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. I heard the Manshasha moxibustion alliance project, is very good. High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust!

due to the rapid pace of modern social life, work pressure is relatively large, often stay up late to work overtime, lack of exercise. So it is easy to cause many people to gain weight. Weight loss is simple, but it is not so easy to implement. Weight loss seems to be a lot of ways, but it is not suitable for everyone, all people are able to stick to it, if you give up weight loss, but also easy to rebound. Today, we take a look at sand moxibustion to lose weight.

sand moxibustion to see whether the effect of weight loss and no specific period, which is also decided by the weight of their own situation. However, no special circumstances, such as just fat type obesity alone, rather than pathological or body deficiency of obese people, in general, continuous sand moxibustion for a month, and after steaming, not overeating, and life with good diet and sleep to see a certain effect. Month May 7, 8 pounds of lean. Accomplish at one stroke。

generally speaking, the time of sand moxibustion is about 15 minutes to about 20 minutes. However, for the case of slow sweating, can be appropriate to extend the appropriate time, but do not extend too long and have to decide according to their own conditions.

In addition,

slow sweating is estimated to be the cause of physical fitness, such as sweat glands in the body or cold. Recommended before the sand moxibustion and drink plenty of water, as well as the appropriate time to drink some of the water, the temperature is high, it is better to extend the sand moxibustion time to make up for the sand did not reach the effect of moxibustion.

1, blood can not be sand moxibustion, moxibustion, far infrared rays will accelerate the blood, if the wound is too large or female menstrual period is not sand moxibustion, will lose more blood.

2, heart disease, three patients are not suitable for high temperature sand moxibustion, such as sand moxibustion, need low temperature.

3, children and pregnant women can not sand moxibustion, children are long body, can not sand moxibustion, pregnant women can not sand moxibustion.

4, sand moxibustion in the process of time requirements, time should not be too long.

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