Propolis ten brands list the whole

Propolis ten brands list the whole

in a variety of bee products, propolis is a very important component in the current market has been a lot of people’s favorite. Of course, China is a very important country of bee products, leading to a lot of brands in the propolis industry. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of propolis, so that we can have a better understanding of China’s Propolis market brand.

ten NO.1 propolis brand rankings, Wang Wang’s: founded in 1985, the national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi province famous brand, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Jiangxi Wang bee Garden Co. ltd..

propolis ten brands list NO.2, know bee Hall: professional commitment to serve the bee products in patients with diabetes, propolis, the top ten brands, industry well-known brands, Beijing Bee Bee Bee Products Co., ltd..

ten NO.3 propolis brand rankings, flowers brand: founded in 1919, the state trademark protection, time-honored brands, Beijing famous brand, Beijing famous brand, ten propolis brand, Beijing Baihua apiculture technology development Co Ltd.

propolis ten brands list NO.4, Huaxing: well-known propolis brand, formed by the Bee Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, bee industry technology leader, Beijing honey Technology Development Co., ltd..

NO.5 list of ten brands of propolis, bee words: national trademark protection, honey ten brands, brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang famous trademark, the provincial high-tech enterprises, Hangzhou fengzhiyu bee industry Limited by Share Ltd.

propolis ten brands list NO.6, macro: the world’s top 500 enterprises COFCO members of enterprises, China’s first research and development of natural series of health products, one of the enterprises, the macro Biological Engineering Co., ltd..


propolis brand rankings: NO.7, China was founded in 1924, Guangdong province famous trademark, honey ten brands, China Time-honored Brand, Guangdong famous brand, Guangzhou famous trademark, Guangzhou baoshengyuan Co Ltd.

ten NO.8 propolis brand rankings, Jiang: specialized high-tech enterprises in natural products research and development / production / sales, well-known (famous brand) propolis, Jiangsu river source ecological Biotechnology Co. ltd..


propolis brand ranking NO.9, Yiyuan card: set of bee products research and development / production / sales of the science and technology enterprises, well-known trademarks in Beijing City, China bee products brand, yishouyuan (Beijing) bee products co..

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