Gustin cake shop what joined in support of

Gustin cake shop what joined in support of

Gustin cake brand is a part of the old cake shop in Hongkong brand, of course, as a feature cake to join the project, the cake shop is a very popular with consumers and investors to welcome the project of Gustin. So hot how to join the brand? What are the advantages, but also to give investors who join support? Look at the following Xiaobian for everyone to do specific:

Gustin cake shop profit advantage:

1, the headquarters of the stable supply of materials to ensure that your profits reached the highest

gross margin: the basic 70-75%;

2, adhere to the development of high-quality low-cost, high market awareness of the product

strict quality, at the same time to ensure the health, the use of advanced technology and improved technology to reduce product costs.

3, continuous research and development of new products, to ensure that all the year round can be profitable

single puff now have limitations, the winter does baked dessert will be a season but the summer off-season, turnover will drop 30%. Therefore, our company combined with yogurt drinks (summer season) to ensure that your income throughout the year.

Gustin cake shop support:

1, training security

store training, hands-on teaching. From theoretical knowledge training to practical training courses, so that each joined the business to get the most practical and authoritative industry dynamics and product core technology;

2, unified style protection

select the project site selection, the company to provide you with site selection and renovation plans, chain brands, unified decoration style;

3, turnover protection

can register according to the background audit report system; headquarters have less profitable search experts from different angles according to the actual situation, to solve problem, because the opening is the company’s brand, we must be responsible and ensure the stability of the business!

4, regional exclusive protection

to the store as the center, 500 meters for the radius, diameter of one kilometer, is not allowed to open the second. Avoid vicious competition.

hope that the above introduction can help you understand the Gustin cake shop brand, if the brand, what other problems do you have

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