Chengdu ten famous brand recommended Hot pot

Chengdu ten famous brand recommended Hot pot

said the first reaction of many people should be hot pot Chongqing characteristics. But today Xiaobian to say is not what Chongqing hot pot brand, but not inferior to Chengdu hot pot. But for the Chengdu hot pot to join the brand investors is very strange, for this small series for the list of the ten well-known Chengdu hot pot brand

this is the more than 30 thousand most popular Chengdu hot pot brand after the vote, then what is the ranking of Chengdu hot pot? Followed by a small look at:

Chengdu ten famous hot pot brand recommendation:

first: old pier

comment: absolutely authentic Sichuan Hot pot, the taste is very good, the dry dish is called a spicy ah. Probably a lot of people in Sichuan can not stand, but to not be happy without spicy cheese, is a certain points!

address: No. 29 middle Yulin Road,

second: big wonderful hot pot

micro review: a very distinctive Chengdu hot pot shop, the use of antique style decoration. The waiters are well trained and have a very good attitude! Dishes are also very delicate and most distinctive is the hot pot knife cut and hot noodles.

address: Jinli Street two, 2, 3,

third: taste Jianghu

micro review: things are getting clean, you can see the staff in the middle of the operating table wearing gloves side dishes, seasoning is also worthy of their own, and finally do not invoice to drink..

address: Jinsha Ruins Park entrance

fourth: Spicy space

micro review: you think, can make a person who does not love to eat hot pot is impressive, it can be seen that the shop is really good. But it seems to be a little more expensive than the others, but it’s worth it.

address: No. 39 Tong Tong Road,

fifth: gale cooking


micro wind cooking basin is the theme of Sichuan Opera, a panda show, red tea performances, taste or to accept the trial after the game. The taste of Chongqing hot pot, is so normal hot pot.

address: Ma Jia Huayuan Road 2

sixth: Dazhaimen Hot pot

micro review: Decoration really good

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