How do the whole business promotion activities beauty salon opened shop

How do the whole business promotion activities beauty salon opened shop

beauty industry is very popular in recent years in the industry, an industry is mainly considered in the business when, now people are focusing on its external image, so more and more people began to join the tide of beauty, so the beauty salon has become a lot of small investors choose. But for the novice, in order to successy open a beauty salon, you need to do a good job promotion, so as to attract more consumer attention, bring you good business. Specifically how to do it? Details are as follows:

the first step, to have a distinctive theme.

theme can proceed from many aspects, such as this year’s "super beautiful angel Award", is to improve the quality of the beautician; such as last year’s "I add luster for the Olympic Games" is from the customer to care for the country; such as a few years ago to do the "fire" of "love and beauty zero distance — charity donation activities" this is from the customer, offer love to.

the second step, the plan has a favorable value attractive program.

now we should think of the vast majority of customers do not have no place to beauty, body, health care and relax, but she is more willing to go there, you want to let her give up in other places to store their consumption, is not to have enough advantages and characteristics to attract? Why didn’t she come to your shop without moving her?

third steps to motivate employees.

employees from two aspects: one is the unity of thinking, to mobilize the enthusiasm of each individual, so that every employee is willing to invest the heart to do this thing, can not inspire everyone’s morale and the potential is not good; on the other hand is to establish incentive mechanism, rewards and punishment, the reward is material reward, but also the spirit award.

, such as come in a reward of 10 yuan, the completion of the target task, to the largest number of awarded the championship, but also send 300~500 yuan bonus, commission according to mention. Of course, the performance is not good, poor mobility, goals can not be reached to the warning and punishment, so she has a sense of crisis.

fourth steps to develop a simple and effective implementation of standards.

first, we must analyze the target customers where to target with what method, if it is strange place to visit, should find what at what time; if you are old customer referrals, should let who to do is introduced, each determined practical goal, do not impose on employees or employees easily have a sense of frustration, lose confidence.

then, according to the design of the operation of the object and the sales process, a unified word to strengthen the training. Finally, the staff training qualified before the start.


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