2017 the whole of Rural Entrepreneurship Project

2017 the whole of Rural Entrepreneurship Project

although China’s rural area is very vast, but there is no employment opportunities, resulting in a lot of people if you want to make money you have to leave their homes. In recent years, the job market spread a lot of argument, it was said that the city is now difficult to obtain employment, rural employment is difficult, in fact, this is a pessimistic view. Any region can be employed, as long as think and do, not what people actually stumped, rural employment is relatively easy to succeed, the farmer wants to go home, new ideas, to cater to the needs of the modern market, the first to do it have an advantage.

2017 years ago, there are now many people aware of the entrepreneurial opportunities in rural areas, and now the city’s employment pressure, fierce competition, low wage workers, the price is very high. More and more people began to want to fend for themselves, the need for better opportunities for development in rural areas, the market is large, in recent years, there have been many examples of career development.

now, a lot of rural industry is still in the undeveloped stage, the government also strongly support rural areas, which we can grasp the trend, a good time to rural entrepreneurs, as these 2017 rural entrepreneurship project, as long as the intention to do, presumably not success is difficult:

2017 rural entrepreneurship good project: wallpaper management and interior decoration

wallpaper is a kind of material of modern decoration, interior decoration in the city many will use it now, with the development of science and technology, the wallpaper style also changes in turn the world upside down, in addition to the use of the living room, bedroom wall decoration, now even the kitchen, bathroom wallpaper can use, but also more durable material wallpaper decoration, makes the appearance more beautiful.

appearance is difficult to paint the walls with wallpaper, more and more decoration materials will be replaced by wallpaper decoration, wallpaper decoration has become the mainstream of modern decoration, the rural market is still vacant, engaged in business and decoration wallpaper services can easily be recognized because people choose indoor decoration, wallpaper and paint compared to lower the cost. Also good-looking, sanitary treatment wall easily, coupled with modern home fashion, the wallpaper decoration industry prosperity.

do business in the rural poor, rural new houses, wedding marriage is common, but the new house decoration is not these elements, 4 Room 2 hall of the house, and there are 7 materials fee, 8 thousand yuan, such a work completed in just two days, the net profit of at least there are more than 4000 yuan, so now the farmers wallpaper decoration business is making money.

2017 rural entrepreneurship good project: rural electricity providers to provide vocational training

society in the development of the era of progress, in this era of economic activity, e-commerce has shown its great recommendation

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