The investment of Chinese fast food stores how net

The investment of Chinese fast food stores how net

now, the choice of fast food franchise, is a very choice of business opportunities. The quality of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. So, venture capital investment in Chinese fast food shop?

Chinese fast food stores to keep coming back? With the rapid growth of China’s economic development, the pace of life of city residents is accelerating, people rely on fast food is also higher, the social demand for food was also increased, the Chinese fast food dish and vigorously develop new products, improved technology can greatly save workers time, so that the Chinese fast food is joining the entrepreneurs optional high-quality entrepreneurial projects, has a huge market. So how to manage the Chinese fast food restaurants to retain repeat customers? Here are a few tips to retain repeat customers want to help investment.

A. don’t let the customer feel sorry

usually work to pay attention to a lot of things, but this one can not be ignored. We must constantly from various angles to check their business the Chinese fast food shop in the end to make the customer satisfied and to what extent? Whether the customer had had pity? Only continue such self-examination and inspection, in order to constantly improve their quality of service, to win more customers. Only the business does not let customers have the slightest regret, resentment, not to let the customer the regrets of Chinese fast food shops in the business, is the real business success of the Chinese fast food stores, is part of the Chinese fast food restaurant, and sustainable management of Chinese fast food shops.

two. Treat customers equally


restaurant staff should have this idea that consumption in our restaurant, rich poor, poor, rank are our customers, should receive equal treatment. When you treat all customers alike, the customer will come to your Chinese fast food restaurant because you are fair and reasonable.

three, focus on customer attitude

each of your customers is an independent individual, has an independent personality, you must respect him. At work, sometimes we may have a different opinion from customers. You need your attention to your speech and deportment, respect your customer. Your attitude may be the starting point for the establishment of a good relationship between you and your customers. In a word, no matter what the situation, should not lose the etiquette. If you are sincere, your customers will have a good impression of you, so you can visit your restaurant again.

four, standing in the customer’s point of view to the problem, give advice

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