What is the 2017 soft ice trends

What is the 2017 soft ice trends

I do not know whether you know DF loves ice cream ice cream of this brand, don’t know if you know this DF ice cream and the new tactics, what together with small to see below!

is the largest supplier of soft ice cream dephone industry chain era (Beijing) International Business Chain Co. Ltd. announced days before:’s ice cream brand "DF ice cream", will be held on January 2017 to "Spring City" as the theme, launched a dozen new products, and further enrich the product line of stores. It is reported that the launch of the 6 major categories of new products, covering a variety of directions, including ice cream, drinks, snack foods, DF ice cream in recent years, the largest product line upgrade.

What is the trend of

2017 soft ice?

strawberry fruit will be 2017 ice cream star taste

at the end of November 2016 at the end of the twelfth session of the forum and China ice cream frozen food exhibition (spring 2017 ice exhibition) preparatory meeting, industry experts predict: in 2017, with strawberry as the representative, add natural fruit ice cream will be popular in china.

DF ice cream is recognized industry experts predict: as DF ice cream star product "ice storm series" and "waffle" series, launched a new version of the industry is often regarded as the barometer of popular taste soft ice. This new, 2 star products were launched with strawberry as new flavors: berry like basil base language with strawberry basil fenhua husband controlled ice storm. At the same time, the new show is also expected in the new year listed this action: DF ice cream is likely to half a year in advance has been through more than 500 stores nationwide sales data to make a prediction consistent with industry experts, and proceed to taste research.

out of the country and returned to the hometown of egg Aberdeen

fashionable people have recently been eating a Chinese style ice cream – egg ice cream. Eggs from Hongkong in 50s, foreigners say eggs as "delicious waffles". Egg ice cream was invented by a Hongkong based dessert shop in Chinatown, New York. With the egg to replace the traditional Ice Cream Waffle tube is a big idea. With jam, cereal, fruit and chocolate ice cream egg young due to the appearance and taste tempting, quickly led the new season dessert trend.

Optimization of

DF ice cream formulation and shape on the streets of Aberdeen egg ice cream, finally launched 3 egg young ice cream – classic "love chocolate", "warm berry feast" and "tempting mango honey love".

fruit and Rhine or winter

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