Yang Li let honesty shop business more fire

Yang Li let honesty shop business more fire

how to be able to successy open a shop, each operator will have their own understanding, of course, I will have their own business philosophy. My name is Yang Li, Jiangsu County, Suining Province, a private cigarette customers in the District of, engaged in cigarette business for more than 10 years. In the operation, I put myself to do the real people, open heart shop as their business purposes, in the integrity of the business, the business is more prosperous.

just started, the store business is not good, the daily income is very limited. One day, a friend came to the door, quietly said: "you do not really do business, they sell cigarettes to earn a lot of money, a high-grade cigarette can earn hundreds of dollars, sell a few cigarettes a month’s room easily earn out." After listening to his words, my husband some heart, want to try a few.

I patiently advised her: "how would you feel if you are a customer, found to buy cigarettes, will go to the store to buy things? Offend a customer, lost may be a group of customers." His wife thought all of a sudden, and when he saw the acquaintance, his wife returned to him to do ideological work, said he nodded.

do anything to talk about integrity, business is more so. Therefore, the customer manager Li Gang began to publicize my credit rating management and the establishment of the integrity of image of the store, I will actively raise funds to purchase tobacco companies to promote cigarette display counters, the client manager under the guidance of Li Gang, my first shunshundangdang became the integrity of the image store.


manager Li told me to strict supply, all the cigarette and I are in the tobacco companies purchase, even if the stock or out of stock, never to other stores or sell their stock, but not recycling or consignment gift smoke, the smoke may be illegal channels to purchase or counterfeit cigarettes, will reduce their business integrity. At the same time, Li gave me some publicity to prevent cigarette package trick, so I increased the cigarette sales vigilance.

another time, there were two young men riding a motorcycle into the shop. They just put them on the counter, and they got another soft China cigarette. As I turned to take a cigarette, did not expect the two young people with hands and feet, a young man quickly took two soft Su Yanlai on the counter, the soft Su smoke on the counter quickly in the hand to the bosom. I don’t want to see myself in the mirror of the shelf.

I turned around and asked, "what are you doing?" The two young men looked flustered and said, "we just bought a cigarette outside." He quickly put the hands of the smoke on the counter, picked up their cigarettes, fled out like a. Later, my husband said that haunt ah, not to the shelves of the mirror, smoke is we do not know. Since then, when sellers, we are also more careful. Otherwise I will

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