China ten brand list the whole

China ten brand list the whole

which market is hot, there is no doubt that the women’s market is certainly one of them, after all, women’s shopping ability is not generally strong. Moreover, the number of girls in Taobao shopping will be the number of clothing. In the daily life of girls common shopping is clothing and cosmetics, although Taobao cosmetics online and dresses as many categories, the price is much cheaper than to buy in the store, but because a lot of girls worry about quality problems, so women’s sales is higher than in cosmetics.

dress includes many things, which can be divided into Korean women, women’s clothing, including clothes, pants, skirts, T-Shirts, underwear, shoes and so on, now many stores sell high streets and back lanes of service often see clothing marked "Korean", "foreign trade" signs, women’s is no exception. Here is the list of China’s top ten women’s brands list.

China’s top ten women’s clothing brand NO1- Korean clothing homes

Han Yi homes (Group) was founded in 2006, is committed to providing high quality fashion apparel for urban fashion crowd. As the first brand of Chinese Internet fast fashion, Han Yi homes with more style, updated fast, cost-effective product concept won the national consumer love and trust. In 2010 ten "net goods brand" and the honorary title of "the best practice of globalization "; in 2011 won the international well-known venture capital IDG invested tens of millions of dollars; 2012 and 2013 for two consecutive years, Tmall, and other Jingdong’s first sales platform. As of September 2014, the company has 45 business units, the number of employees more than 2300 people.

Han Yi homes original product group as the core of a single product throughout the operating system (IOSSP) is the use of the Internet to enhance operational efficiency of a successful case, selected Tsinghua University MBA teaching case library. One of the 2013 double eleven single day turnover of billions of dollars (ranked second at the time), in 2014 is more than double the data for the first time in order to win the data of 279 million.

China ten brand list NO2- ochirly

enjoys certain popularity and reputation in the women’s market, ochirly target consumer group positioning in a mature, confident, independent, noble, generous age female. Most of them have received higher education, accept the high grade culture, love life changes and challenges, have their own way of life and the style of the original experience and requirements, its brand of fashion and elegant European style show.

" fashion expert, beauty consultant " is ochirly image positioning consistent, can y meet the demand of contemporary women’s fashion, providing various kinds of service and constantly changing.

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