What king a bowl of whole join advantage

What king a bowl of whole join advantage

delicious food and beverage project is a strong competition in the food and beverage market, the first thing to do is to taste the food is followed by the service, when both have a later, you will become a well-known brand of consumer chasing. A bowl of noodle belonging to King Wang Renhe’s flagship brand, green health concept, with the skin signs delicacy of small cattle / rice line into the store is required diners choose Wang Renhe for delicacy, noodle rice / Wang Renhe classic line, customers can add onions, coriander, mashed garlic, chili oil and other ingredients according to their preferences. Delicious soup, smooth chewy rice, with delicious beef with yellow, mixed up the fragrance spread in the mouth, the taste is too wonderful for words!

is also the era of restaurant personality, style restaurant features, has its own personality characteristics, will attract more people’s attention. Cloth, flowers, rocking chair, small pieces of cloth, a bowl of noodles with king of the original wood texture and texture, antique scars and signs of infestation Tim, create a with a simple texture, can show the original rough pastoral style restaurant, so diners can really enjoy life free and comfortable.

Wang joined a bowl advantage?

quality dependence: no dirty, disorderly and poor kitchen, not greasy dark kitchen, cooking all means to achieve transparent operation, strict implementation of national health standards, let diners eat healthy, eat nutrition, eat at ease.

determine the status of value: selected beef from the low latitude latitude and latitude subtropical plateau mountain small cattle, standard feeding for 18 months, in strict accordance with health standards, fresh meat at ease.

vision to conquer the market: fabric, flowers, rocking chair, small cloth…… The use of wood texture and texture of the original, add the scars of the ancient and the traces of worms, showing the original rough pastoral style restaurant, so that diners can really enjoy the freedom and comfort of life.

1, 30 seconds out of the meal, the industry model

super speed can have meals, consumers do not need to wait, will soon be able to enjoy the delicious, eating away, another wave of business, a bowl of noodle king! Innovation sale mode, ensure 30 seconds quick meal, leading 5 times over Taiwan, so you can easily earn more than 3

times the profit!

2, parity consumption, leading the trend of

super parity consumption, people really happy to choose, inexpensive, people will be more like. Chinese fast food has great potential for development, a bowl of rice vermicelli groundbreaking to do a delicious, convenient, cheap and perfect combination, so that consumers eat happy happy!

3, no big >

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