Beijing introduction of service standards of accommodation industry requirements of environmental pr

Beijing introduction of service standards of accommodation industry requirements of environmental pr

energy saving and environmental protection, not only to each of us, but also to the whole society. By the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission organized the development of the local standards of Beijing, the quality of service standards and assessment of the residence in the capital window and comments. Draft for the first time on the per capita floor space requirements, while requiring the hotel must have energy saving, environmental protection measures.

in recent years, energy conservation, environmental protection has become a new trend, which, the draft added requirements. Draft pointed out that the general layout of the hotel should deal with the relationship between the main building and auxiliary building.

shall take effective measures to eliminate the noise and exhaust gases from various equipment to avoid interference with the guest rooms and adjacent buildings. Draft clear, there should be water saving, energy saving measures. No smoking signs are placed in the store, no smoking signs, according to the rules set smoking area. At the same time, noise emissions, sewage discharge, kitchen exhaust emissions, emissions of air pollutants to meet the relevant standards.

in addition, the draft pointed out that the operating room has at least 20 rooms, as well as with the size of the operating room. Guest room area of not less than 4 square meters per person (not including aisle, toilet). No toilet room, should be in place to set up public toilet and shower room. Draft requirements, operators should operate in good faith. No matter whether the service is free of charge, guest supplies and food and beverage products should be purchased from the formal channels, to ensure quality, and can be traced back credentials. Health, food safety, environmental protection, fire safety, safety production, public security departments, such as supervision and inspection standards.

hotel is not only to provide a comfortable environment for the guests, making people feel relaxed, more of the time, but also to do environmental protection, energy saving, so as to meet the needs of more people, make the world a better place. Guest room toilet should be an independent area, should be equipped with barrier free passage, accessible for disabled people. Safe passage and escape stairs to keep smooth and free of debris, set the luminous evacuation indicator and is in good condition.

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