Jilin how to solve the farmers’ difficulties in selling

Jilin how to solve the farmers’ difficulties in selling

in the life of the majority of farmers rely on their own land to survive, but sometimes although the harvest is good, but it is difficult to sell a good price in the market is difficult. The current time when the Northeast grain harvesting season, commodity grain in Jilin Province, recently introduced corn acquisition loan credit guarantee fund management approach, to determine the 800 million corn acquisition credit guarantee fund, reform and boost the purchasing and storage system, to solve the difficulties in selling, and the following Xiaobian look at specific.

in accordance with the government guidance, risk sharing, market operations, food and credit linked principle, Jilin province to determine the total size of 800 million yuan of the loan guarantee fund for corn purchase loans. The provincial government invested 500 million yuan, local governments and enterprises raised $300 million. At the same time clear the loan object. Where the inclusion of Jilin province local grain security system in recent years and new large-scale food enterprises can be included in the credit service object.

According to the

corporate deposit loan 5%-10% credit guarantee payment, and corn purchase and sale contracts, the enterprises may apply for loans to credit cooperative banks, cooperative banks in credit guarantee within 20 times in total issued gold corn acquisition loans, and implementation of the people’s Bank of Chinese the same grade benchmark interest rate, greatly reducing the cost of financing.

Jilin also made clear the application procedures. The "white list" enterprise credit corn acquisition loan conditions, relevant measures of reporting procedures, the use of loan and post loan management. The working procedure of compensation principle, compensatory sequence and start up compensation is established.

said the Grain Bureau of Jilin Province, the implementation of credit guarantee fund management approach, for the low credit rating, weak financing ability of private and local state-owned enterprises, financing credit platform, leveraging financial and social capital investment, government bank achieve effective docking, the depth of integration, mutual benefit and win-win, in order to achieve "people receive food and warehouse receive food, money collected grain, believe that the overall boost reform of corn storage system, to solve the difficulties in selling will play a positive role.

Jilin how to solve the farmers sell grain difficult? Through this article we learned that Jilin through the acquisition of credit guarantee fund to solve the problem of farmers. Currently, the Jilin Provincial Agricultural Bank, the Agricultural Bank of China is included in the list of enterprises to carry out credit. Is expected before December 20th local government and the enterprises credit guarantee fund can be in place. At present, the credit loan preparation, relevant operating procedures have been completed. By then, as long as the inclusion of the white list of enterprises to apply for loans to the cooperative bank, the bank will be y accepted, timely payment of loans to ensure the acquisition of capital needs.

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