The convenience store business tips Analysis

The convenience store business tips Analysis

now many consumers love to the convenience store to buy all kinds of goods, driven by the convenience store industry constantly in the daily life of the development, can be seen everywhere now has a convenience store, many people choose to open a convenience store, there are a lot of competitive pressure, then choose the convenience store entrepreneurs how to operate? The whole Xiaobian to introduce you.

in addition, because the main consumer groups to open a convenience store at the age of 30 students and office workers, for this group is easy to accept new things, the characteristics of strong spending power and the pursuit of fashion, so the store opened in the choice of commodities should pay attention to innovation and renewal, with themes of fashion.

open a convenience store to choose good location is particularly important. Investment convenience store, select the appropriate location is very important, this is the most important factor in the success of the convenience store. Convenience store has the advantage of convenience, so convenience stores are mostly located in the community and entertainment facilities more concentrated areas, making it easier for customers to shop.

open a convenience store supermarket investment returns higher than the general. For example, the U.S. 7-11 convenience store gross profit is usually more than 40%. General convenience stores in the gross margin of about 30%, the highest can reach 40%. This is mainly because of the convenience store business principles of "small and fine, the price is about 10% and the general supermarkets, convenience store goods on the shelves are relatively large volume of goods, goods turnover, inventory is relatively reduced, but also according to the sales rebate from some suppliers.

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