String uncle joining fee details

String uncle joining fee details

as the hearts of the Chinese people’s deep love snacks project hot and spicy, he has been occupying the first place in the snack industry, with the characteristics of hot and spicy is the darling of the food and beverage market. For example, the string of Uncle concern hot spicy. String uncle, from Sichuan special delicacy, quality and taste more unique in the market, showing a huge competitive advantage, become the popular features of the product are delicacy, strong concern of the majority of entrepreneurs. So how much money to join the string uncle uncle hot?

string uncle joined the cost details:

string uncle cooperation costs:

three year edition; 60 thousand per year; Five Year Edition; annual 50 thousand

string uncle cooperation value:

we will empower you to use brand products; we will empower you; we will continue to develop new products with your real time sharing; we through the powerful data platform for data analysis, will run slightly camp activity sales Lifting Scheme with you at the same time; we will also manage the number of precipitation year qingnangerchu.

string uncle margin:

5 million yuan (contract expires refund), this is to ensure that the brand, the rapid development of stores, stores the normal operation of the premise of mutual constraints, but also to ensure that your interest (interest)

operating commissioned management fees charged standard:

sells his monthly sales guaranteed: *2%

more than guaranteed sales: guaranteed sales of slightly more than *2%+ sales exceeded

part *4%

commissioned management can do for you: store operators need to gather talent, scientific management, professional processes, advanced systems, electronic information background.

for management: through our comprehensive cooperation and exchanges with the world food industry university to achieve a complete business flow (line line), and the effective and reasonable cost control.

for the system: we learn from the KFC, McDonald’s 12 systems, and tailored to their own! The 5 systems.

for the background: we work together with the country’s ten major systems operators ZPGD to create a ERP system (information management system), with its help, we have a more comprehensive strength.

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