Join Nord steak steak snack cup how net

Join Nord steak steak snack cup how net

steak cup to join the project then choose what brand is better? Xiao Bian think Nord steak cup is very good, if you have the idea to invest in the steak Cup project, Nord steak cup is worth the choice.

Nord is a cup of steak, steak, coffee, romantic music people living close to the people leisure restaurant, clever fusion of Oriental romantic environment and recover the original simplicity of the Western way of life, in the complicated and impetuous society talent shows itself in activities. Hand made food, on-site production of beverages, unique design, human nature concept, up and down two layers, cup bowl one, the upper layer of food, the lower layer of drinks, a variety of collocation, arbitrary choice, eat and drink two. 100% from South Korea secret sauce, pickled arcane, unique taste, can not be copied, friendly price, has become a modern city for the dining party, leisure places.

Nord steak cup, popular in South Korea’s local popularity, every day before the shop have to queue up, super high popularity and even the mainland, some domestic diners go abroad only for this delicious steak cup. Steak + drink combined in a cup, a new way of eating, a new restaurant detonated, definitely a good reputation, good taste.

investment Nord steak cup innovative food rich

Nord steak cup product advantages

healthy and delicious unusual, first drink after eating really cool!

Nord steak, creating a new chapter in the way to eat the steak, to create a new style of fast fashion new way to eat the steak on the street, while eating steak, while drinking, eating, drinking, cool enough fashion!

authentic Korean flavor, good temptation

authentic Korean cuisine, the introduction of Korean secret sauce, to ensure that the original flavor of the food, do not go out of the country that is enjoying the trend of Seoul cuisine

nutrition delicious, healthy eating

reasonable collocation of green and healthy meat, not greasy, more delicious and nutritious soup series, a cup of fresh beef soup nutrition collocation, Vegetable & Fruit sweet

, Zhennai perfect match!

a variety of combinations, arbitrary ride

fries, Pleurotus eryngii, Sauteed Green Beans, grilled corn, fried squid, broccoli, lamb chops, flavor of pickled cabbage…… A rich range of snacks, fruit juice, coke, beer, milk tea, soup…… Healthy and fashionable drinks, eat out of the pattern

innovation to eat, good and convenient

The concept of human

, unique design, upper and lower two layers, one on top of a bowl! Delicacy, lower drink, eat and drink is not wrong, chowhound essential


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