Join the princess Anne ice cream has what conditions

Join the princess Anne ice cream has what conditions

beautiful ice cream to join the project selection, food business opportunities to earn. How about Princess Anne’s ice cream? Sweet cause, sweet choice. So, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the princess Anne ice cream with what conditions?

how about joining Anne Princess ice cream?

Princess Anne to bring a new ice cream ice cream, the world’s most powerful: the history of the most adorable can peel eat ice cream –BOBO Le lovely ice cream dessert, the Royal dessert ice cream ice cream, Macaron Murti surprises, celebrity ice cream, lifelike animation.

Princess Anne, fourth generation transformers intelligent ice cream machine, ice cream machine marks entered the IPHONE era. With six national patents, no handle, the use of automatic real color large screen touch screen control, the elimination of backward manual equipment.

intelligent control intelligent automatic counting, ice cream, ice cream out of hand to head can be automatic discharging, while making rainbow sandwich, waterfalls, jungle, noodles, Chihuahua, edelweiss 12 different shapes of hundreds of ice cream, also making cherry sundae cup, ice cream, ice cream mousse cake. Let the ice cream making convenient operation as smart mobile phone.

join conditions:

1, with a certain economic strength, a strong sense of professionalism, good business reputation, sense of success and territorial awareness;

2, according to the provisions of the headquarters of the city category, to pay the appropriate agency fees;

3, consciously abide by the management of headquarters, not cross regional management;

4, with the regional market chain planning and development capabilities, to complete the number of stores and sales performance;

5, depending on the success of the store for their own success, with the support of the awareness and ability to grow the store.

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