Sincere business are often able to impress more customer Business

Sincere business are often able to impress more customer Business

operating a shop can take a lot of business strategy, and take different strategies for the development of business may have different effects. Xiao Bian here to suggest to each operator, if you want to impress more customers, you can use the attitude of sincerity to action, often let the store business better oh.

"boss, I have a lot of best-selling brands of cigarettes, affordable, ready to deliver, you point?" Once, a strange man came up to me and pulled me aside. In the face of temptation, I did not waver, because the integrity of the shop is the principle that I have always insisted, so no matter what goods sold, I will strictly the quality pass. Some people say that I am stupid, but I do not think. Because I believe that only the integrity to win customers, to ensure that the source.

now our community residents and the surrounding workers know that my shop never sell fake and expired goods, like to shop in my shop. Of course, there will be some special circumstances, but I still choose to treat customers in good faith.

once, the store came to a man who exudes alcohol, a door called me to lose his face loss. I think he did drink a little more, arguing with him not only will not have results, but also may lead to greater misunderstanding, then listen to him while he poured a cup of tea. It turned out that a few days ago, he gave me a friend from the store two "Yuxi" smoke, the results of a friend said it was false, he wanted to smoke back.

I think that although the smoke is not false, but not too tough attitude, just like with friends chatted, while give him tea while chatting slowly from some of my client manager and reported to the school of cigarette tobacco knowledge, also talk with him some tips to identify genuine and fake cigarettes. Until the feeling of his wine scattered almost, I told him: "I have here every cigarette on the tobacco companies code. The two smoke on the code is indeed my store, I admit, but I want to know why you haven’t opened friends knew smoke is false? Where is it from?"

then the man suddenly stood up and said: "boss, I’m sorry to give you trouble, in fact, these two cigarettes I want to give the child’s teacher, but the teacher did not want, I would like to smoke back." "This is the case, our cigarettes are generally not returned, but I think the packaging is not damaged, does not affect the sale again, this time to give you an exception to retire it!" I smiled and told him. Later he became a frequent visitor to my store.

now many shopkeepers are complaining that the customer is not good for the industry competition is too fierce. Indeed, industry competition does make a lot of shops business development is affected, however, in fact, does not want to retain customers, as long as the sincerity and smile to impress them, will win the trust of customers, so that customers become more new and old customers.

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