The ten man bag brand ranking

The ten man bag brand ranking

men’s package industry market prospects, many consumers pay attention to the choice of men’s bags, high quality men’s bag can make people more trust, for men, men can also have a fashionable high-end bags. A stylish and high-end purses more attractive to men. What brand is good for men? The top ten men’s brand list is as follows:

LVLouis Vuitton, is the world’s top luxury brands, bags and leather products in the world’s first brand. Brand to design, manufacture, innovation, elegant travel boxes, handbags and accessories products, the achievement of the core spirit of travel legend. After the 1.5 century brand legend continues, its excellent quality and originality of the world-renowned.


Gucci – a symbol of the top fashion, Italian style, traditional crafts, the earth’s consciousness, with the modern keen intuition, to create a beautiful art of exquisite production process. Since 1921 the founder of GUCCI Europe? Since Gucci Guccio Gucci founded Gucci brand in Florence, Gucci has been for men and women of the world’s most discerning heart is.

Alfred Dunhill


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