Talk shop need to have affinity

Talk shop need to have affinity

how to speak? How to speak good words? This is a learning, especially for those who shop, how to speak is extremely important. In fact, the language is an art, is used to communicate, exchange of symbolic system. Intense competition in the market economy today, retailers have to face every day, of every hue of the different levels of customer, to the sale of the transaction, the key to language to act as a go-between, so the retailer’s language is more important, can be described as a supremely, careless.

some people say, "good arms and legs, as long as a good mouth". That is to say, in some cases, "a good mouth" is better than a good arm and leg to create greater value. Here, I give you an example, one day an old customer to a retail store shopping, the store received by the male boss, customers buy some daily necessities, who knows when to buy a mop in front of the store had little friction, almost jump disc". Male boss will mop reported 10 yuan per case, customers too high to lower prices 8 yuan, male boss said: "the old lady, the price is not, no, absolutely not".

customers "did not eat" insist, two Each sticks to his own stand. resolve this female boss, then a "battle", make the business success made, we wish to hear how the female boss said: "Auntie, I was the first to my house this hole rude to apologize to you, you must eliminate fire, hot don’t leave your old bad, I’m absolutely sure you have previously bought this price mop, but aunt, now is not the price, you see, is not a mop hair much, too long, and formerly the wood is now, plastic, rest assured aunt, you often we will not patronize, earn your money."

the customer but later, looked, and looked, and then nothing took out 10 yuan.

I appreciate the language of the female boss, appropriately and have affinity with the use of the "language arts", plain and philosophical, humble and of wisdom. She injected into the emotional factors on language expression, with emotion, emotional Killing with Kindness. Accurate and correct application of language to maintain the face and self-esteem of customers, timely approval, the customer must earlier point, due to the elimination of the male boss is not polite, no reason to bring customers psychological displeasure, finally made the success of the deal. The same thing, the two bosses were using a different language, a lot of effort is not effective, one with the 42 dial thousand pounds approach to achieve the multiplier effect.

China has a saying called "many people do not blame," so in the daily operation, retailers should pay attention to the use of civilized language, polite language, in the reception of the customer, please call the word, thank the word end. Of course, this in practice need to have a degree in the process, grasp the sense of proportion, remember "too far". As is known to all, beautiful, elegant, and gentle

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