Honesty is never out of date

Honesty is never out of date

in the current era, many people will think that integrity is not worthy of our compliance, if the integrity of the business, I am afraid that the store will greatly reduce the operation. However, now the retail competition, various types of retail outlets in the high streets and back lanes everywhere, many retailers want to do business with. How can you manage to make a profit? I think: honesty is essential, who can do, who can be in an invincible position in the fierce competition, under the condition of strong competitors.

honest and trustworthy, never out of date, often do new.

a few days ago, I accompanied his wife to go to a small supermarket, buying something in the checkout time, unexpectedly sleepwalk to the more than ten yuan of the money. Immediately after the owner found the money back to me. The wife said that she had encountered such a situation, but now as the owner can take the initiative to refund the money too few people.

some people may say, do not have the money, the owner is too real, too stupid. But I think that the owner is responsible for their own reputation and business, it is really too clever, admirable. A successful businessman said: "the first thing to do business is honesty, only sincere treatment, in order to make big business. Resort to deceit, can only be short-lived business, it would be self defeating, failed."

there was a king in ancient times, he gave every child in the country a flower seeds, and who can make the most beautiful flowers, who can be the heir to the throne. The selection of time, many children have brought beautiful flowers, only a boy holding the empty pot to come. Finally, he was chosen. The original seeds are fried, it is impossible to germinate. The little boy won the trust of the whole country with his honesty and honesty, and took on the responsibility of governing the country.

business and life is a truth, we must be honest and honest. Today’s social information is so developed, people can get all kinds of goods and services they want through a variety of channels, the price is almost the same. But why do some people can do bigger more and more prosperous, and some people have even closed business keep going by painstaking effort? Aside some objective factors do not talk, whether honest man, honest work, is a key factor.

a person honest letter, customers can get the natural A just cause enjoys abundant support., respect and friendship. Conversely, if the desire for a moment of comfort or petty gain and lose faith in the customer, on the surface is the benefits". But in order to this "benefit" has ruined his reputation. Once the reputation is damaged, it is difficult to recover. Therefore, dishonesty in customers, is tantamount to losing the watermelon picking sesame seeds, the loss outweighs the gain.

I have "abandoned" several stores, one of which is simply a "bad hair"

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