Entrepreneurs Q EQ which is more important

Entrepreneurs Q EQ which is more important

entrepreneurship is a very test of the people, for the high requirements of entrepreneurs, but also summed up the emotional intelligence, IQ two, then the two who is more important for entrepreneurs?

as a return of the Silicon Valley VC in the investment industry, Deng Feng has for many years with "returnees investor" label. Has maintained a strong sensitivity to IT and the Internet, from a company listed on the NASDAQ Netscreen, to return to the creation of Vc firm, Aurora founder Deng Feng for themselves and the team that has known requirements consistent from beginning to end in the technical field.

ushered in the harvest season;

Although the same period China

and hunting a different point of view, in the view of Deng Feng, over the years the northern lights investment like farming, a little bit of work, now finally became the results.

2014 in the first quarter of the past, the northern lights have two enterprises exit through mergers and acquisitions, including a return of 4 times; another return close to 6 times, the company’s investment exit. Northern lights only 16 months.

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