The retail business needs both level

The retail business needs both level

now many shopkeepers think their own shops at either location is very busy or very lonely, therefore, when the product positioning is more or less into too many personal thoughts, which is not taken into account more consumers, resulting in the shop business suffered further. In fact, as long as it is to do retail business, both need to be taken into account, so that the business will be guaranteed.

Wang Daoming’s retail stores are in the suburbs. In recent years, due to the outskirts of a large area of development, also raise a lot of popularity, popularity has brought wealth, cigarette consumption structure and therefore have significantly improved. Wang boss in Touzhaoyue over, courage is also gradually big, thought, since those who do not earn money what low-grade tobacco, and occupy a certain amount of money, why do this thing a thankless task, we still do not do, try to take care of those high-grade cigarette. Wang Daoming said to do it, a substantial reduction in low-grade tobacco purchase. Who knows, the effect is not as ideal as he imagined, the store has greatly reduced popularity, consumer groups have greatly lost.

Account Manager: Chen Feng

weapon: the correct positioning of the consumer groups

shop to engage in business, not only to study consumer preferences, but also to study the market, research consumer trends. Can not be based on their preferences, wishful thinking, arbitrary to make some seemingly brilliant decisions.

in the daily operation, some retail businesses often make the mistake of Wang boss, had looked at the high profit of the cigarette, and ignore the low-grade cigarettes and cigarette sales and cultivating new brand. Finally, not only sales do not go on, but may also cook a pot of cooked rice, a high-grade cigarette selling well, low cigarette consumption group lost again, affecting the operating performance, it is The loss outweighs the gain.

correct business ideas should be accurate positioning of the consumer groups, and then reasonable arrangements for the sales structure. Shop owner Wang in the urban city, although with the urbanization process and the improvement of living standards, people’s consumption level is higher, but it must be a process, raise the level of consumption is not a day for two days.

in a period of time, the customer is still diversified – both the consumption of high capacity, but also the general consumer capacity. Therefore, from the current situation, cigarette sales structure dominated by Wang boss not to seize the high-grade cigarette, but low smoke, while taking into account the high-grade cigarette, only do bulls simultaneously, in order to achieve good sales performance.

is a small retail store, you need to be able to attract more customers, so that the business will be guaranteed. If the customer is able to serve very narrow, so how to make business development? So if you want to do

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